RE5 Japan launch: PS3 and Xbox 360 sales in near tie?

Gamezine: As Japanese consumers line up to buy Resident Evil 5, Famitsu reports that the two console versions appeared to be selling almost equally. reports on the Resident Evil 5 launch in Japan, where the game and hardware bundles went on sale today.

Reporters were posted at a major Tokyo retailer, where a queue had been lining up outside the store before its 10am opening time. reports that the media were impressed by the sight of the cash machine ringing.

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Chris3994000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

The Kotaku article, that might have been based off the same source, said that the PS3 bundles sold out in 20 mins. The Andriasang article told basically the same story.

I think we all know what platform it will sell more on, given SF VI's performance.

In any event, things will be clearer come tomorrow's first day sales tallies.

I really wish people would stop their knee-jerk analysis of the gaming market. Saying something speculative doesn't make it "news" or "true" by any means.

Mike134nl4000d ago

Main thing is that RE 5 seems to do rather well in Japan .

And like they state in the article "it is doubtful that this will translate into equal sales for both console versions"

Montrealien4000d ago

The only thing that will be clear is that capcom will solidify the fact that a publisher can sell more games when it's multiplatform.

And also that the 360 and the PS3 have a decent enough market share respectively to survive along side each other which means the competition is good, and we all get great games on ALL consoles. Even in Japan.

My guess is that the PS3 version will sell better then the 360, however with a smaller gap then SF4.

decapitator4000d ago

Spot on Chris. The game officially went on sale today. Unless this news is coming from the future, we better of waiting for next weeks famitsu sales charts.

And if history is anything to go by, it would probably sell more on the TREY since SFIV sold more it as well.

Lifendz4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

That may account for this. Look, we all know that the PS3 is the choice of the two in Japan. If 360 beats the console over there its because Square released another JRPG for it. The lead doesn't last as evidenced by last week's sales numbers.

morganfell4000d ago

Shouldn't this story be removed since it's own updates have shown the headline to be an outright falsehood?

sonarus4000d ago

Even with 360 version going on sale first, PS3 version will murder it with sales

4000d ago
DominusRebellis3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

This doesnt make any sense. In terms of numbers, PS3 dominates Xbox in Japan, so how can they be "selling equal amounts"? I doubt Those in Japan who own an Xbox are buying multiples of RE5. Who are the morons posting these false crap articles? Just because it's videogame related doesn't mean it has to be put on this website sheesh!

slayorofgods3999d ago

This might be some empirical proof that RE5 is selling PS3's

beardpapa3999d ago

Could be that it's selling at a tie because the 360 version was selling a day earlier and the MS is advertising the game with bundles and tv commercial?

I wonder how hardware sales will be like. Is RE a system seller? I classify myself as a casual gamer and I think my first RE was #4 on the GC. Am primarily an old PC gamer (Baldur's Gate, IWD, Tie Fighter, Sam&Max, etc). Went console with DC->GC->Xbox->PS2slim ->360->Ps3 and recently Ds/Psp.

I own a couple of games here and there, and AFAIK I only keep track of Bioware, KoF, PGR, Forza, GT, GTA, and Midnight Club =D games. Never really got into FF (or SE games in general) & RE (except 4) so yea I really don't know if RE is what you call a system seller game. Is it?

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Omega44000d ago

Not bad considering the difference in install bases

thereapersson4000d ago

So what, are 360 owners in Japan each buying 3 copies of the game or something?

We don't even know the Media Create sales data yet because the game was just released.

Omega44000d ago

No it means a higher percentage of 360 owners are buy it than the PS3

You know, cause of the 360's higher attach rate

LeonSKennedy4Life4000d ago


Most people are buying the special edition 360 with RE5 in it. Do some research for once.

thereapersson4000d ago

I'm pretty sure attach rates are different per country. Just like games in the US sell better on the 360, games on the PS3 sell better in Japan.

MegaMohsi4000d ago

Try reading the updates, seems like PS3 will have the edge, which in my mind was never in doubt. The 360 version will sell better in NA and EU will be a tossup.

Ghoul4000d ago

You know, cause of the 360's higher attach rate "

it almost hurts watching your intelect at work

Montrealien4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

hey, LeonSKennedy4Life , where could he research this? We can do the research that the 360 has sold a heck of a lot less then the PS3 in Japan though. And if the numbers are close "which we will learn next week" It would mean that a good percentage of 360 owners in Japan bought the game.

And someone guessing that it might be the higher attach rate is not that off, especially since most of you are just guessing it aint. What a bunch of high horse ridding know it alls.

and super amazing cookie

and I officially retract my multiple account accusation, judging by your comment, are are clearly new here.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

He thinks people are buying this game "cause of teh attach rate". How can you fail so hard to not realize that attach rates come AFTER game sales, not BEFORE. CAUSE ---> EFFECT. ACTION---->REACTION. See? I hate flawed opinions, especially from teenagers that should shut their trap.


And here comes Mr. Paranoid (Montrealien) to save the day. LMAO, another fool that doesn't even realize that attach rates are a consequence, not a cause of sales.

Hey, how about you two take a lesson in logic, and realize that you could have argued "360 has more game buyers" or "Perhaps more 360 gamers are interested in the game". Are sales numbers even out to make such inference or is this speculation at best?

decapitator4000d ago

I was gonna type in something then I saw that its Omega doing what Omega does.

Bathyj4000d ago

Higher attach rate? God, do you really believe that?

Read the update, seems the software sold at a "Near Tie" for about 2 minutes.

And since the PS3 bundle is selling out it would also appear if you had to buy a console to play RE5, most in Japan would prefer a PS3 to the cheaper Xbox.

MegaMohsi4000d ago

well as you claim that we won't know the exact numbers until next week, if you're gonna criticize one person for speculating, saying one version will have the higher attach rate should also be criticized since according to you there's no raw numbers in yet. Did you read the updates? The PS3 version is selling out, which could dispel the whole notion of "higher attach rate".

Montrealien4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

I agree, and I don't care which one sells more, just that they both sell well, read my above comment.

And the Attach rate has to do with the software sold after the console is sold, not the consoles sold after the software is sold...

Ghoul4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

no offence monti but
And someone guessing that it might be the higher attach rate is not that off, especially since most of you are just guessing it aint. What a bunch of high horse ridding know it alls."

that is a selfreflection of you, your allways stepping into discussions and try to be the smart guy. And your wiki link yes nice thatnks i DO know what an attach rate is. but jumping the bandwaggon and claiming the 360 sold equal because of the attachrate, (wich is different for each country btw) is utter fanboy nonsense, its just a statement to have a point at all.

and seeing that by now te ps3 sold waaay more according to this "reliable" source its clear whats going on here.

i dont care who sells more, jeez i dont care about sales at all im a gamer not a consultant salesmen or business analyst. but i do get a wee bit annoyed of all this 360 bragging about sales.

Montrealien4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )


Once again, I agree, and there are never any offences taken in this insane asylum for gamers.

But the only thing that's truly clear here is that this once again proves that Multiplaform games sell well and is good for the publishers. Any person knows that the PS3 version will sell better then the 360 version in Japan. And the attach rate thing was not aimed at you, some people seem to not understand what it means, at all.

And I'm never trying to be smart, just balanced. But I do know my video gaming, very well infact.

Omega44000d ago

You guys do realize im talking about the general Japan attach rate and not RE5 specifically right?

Cause 360 games sell a lot more in JP considering its userbase compared to the PS3

UltimateIdiot9114000d ago

What's the point of this whole attach rate nonsense?

Let say the sales number for 360 is 4, 2 people purchases RE5.
Let say the sales number for PS3 is 10, 4 people purchases RE5.

The attach rate there is obviously higher on the 360 but what's this????
OMFG, looks like Capcom made more sales and money on the PS3. This is why the whole attach rate thing is flawed.

Potential vs. Reality, I rather much take reality.

Pennywise4000d ago

Omega sees article titles, comes into threads and bends over to deliver us comments in the forms of a fart.

I predict this article will be proved wrong in less than 1 hour.

Ghoul4000d ago

i know monti that you didnt meant me, im more then neutral in this whole thing just check my playfire i game far to long to play this consolewar nonsense.

The funny part is as neutral as i am i start to get a problem with the xbox fans more then the ps fans, ive never faced so much ignorance and self bragging then out of te 360 camp.

SprSynJn4000d ago

"Cause 360 games sell a lot more in JP considering its userbase compared to the PS3"

Since when?

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frayer4000d ago

Since when is the 360 relevant in Japan...?

MegaMohsi4000d ago

We don't know the exact numbers yet, so I think I'll pass on this speculation. No multi-plat made by a Japanese company has sold on par on both systems, PS3 has always had the edge, why would it be different this time?

pumpkinpunker3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

err, because the 360 is starting to catch on? it took Apple years to establish market penetration in Japan. it's a slow process but 360 sales have been increasing pretty steadily in Japan from month to month.

MegaMohsi3999d ago

That explains why the PS3 outsold the 360 4:1 on day 1 RE5 sales right? You xbots need to give it up already, 4 jrpgs haven't boosted sales nothing will.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4000d ago

I disagree with some of that, but agree with the rest.

Bubbles for you.

Why o why4000d ago

how can it be 'r'. what a fanboy;)

Panthers4000d ago

haha. Deleted my statement because I misread the article.