Darkfall On Limited Availability

The recently released MMO, Darkfall, is proving to be so popular that the developers are limiting the number of sales each day.

When the game launched on 26 February, the huge demand on servers resulted in a delay of 12 hours from the official launch time. Since then, Darkfall has experienced numerous setbacks; the game had to be taken down shortly after release to fix a critical bug, but the forums and online store were also badly affected by the overwhelming traffic, resulting in very limited availability of both. In response, Darkfall's developer, Aventurine, has limited the number of online game sales it makes per day and will continue to do so until demand for the game subsides.

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Dorjan4012d ago

Wow, is that a good sign or a bad one!?

Fyzzu4012d ago

A bit of both, I think!

Maticus4012d ago

Maybe it's just the developers trying to get more hype for the game, and it's worked!

Jinxstar4012d ago

It's a royal pain. My old WoW guild has been looking forward to this game for about 4 years now... Everytime we log on they are sold out. 2 of us have gotten in and almost every good piece of land is taken... It's very very frustrating and in a game like this you can't let 1's and 2's in.... Messes up the balance a lot.

Maticus4012d ago

I hope it doesn't discourage people from playing. If anything, it will make more people take notice of the game. It doesn't look that bad, maybe I'll join the queue...

AndyA4012d ago

I can't beleive there's such huge demand for what sounds like a messy, chaotic MMO.

Gun_Senshi4012d ago

Ultima Online Next Gen!

WoW is child's play compared to Darkfall

jay24012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

I'd not be happy about this if I ordered this game, if I want a game I don't want to be in some queuing system where by I have to be there at the time they specify to get a copy. If I want a game at 4:21PM I'll buy it a 4:21 PM.

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