Hexus: NVIDIA (eVGA) GeForce GTS 250 1GB Review - Much ado about nothing?

Hexus writes: "NVIDIA chose the start of 2009 as an opportune time to release a couple of high-end graphics cards, GeForce GTX 295 and GeForce GTX 285, etailing at £400 and £300, respectively, whose introduction solidified NVIDIA's position as provider of cutting-edge graphics. Whilst performance was undeniably good, especially from the twin-GPU GTX 295, the asking price deterred many.

The battle for volume sales happens far lower in the pricing spectrum, clearly, and both NVIDIA and arch-rival ATI need to have compelling discrete cards from, say, £30 to £150. ATI's shown its performance hand last year with a mid-range upgrade in the form of the Radeon HD 4800-series, whilst NVIDIA's been content to extend the longevity of the GeForce 9800 class of GPUs, which, in turn, are based on GeForce 8800 cards."

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Tee7soo4010d ago

i dont think that i well buy a new card for some time
i realy love my geforce 8400 gs 512 .

TheIneffableBob4010d ago

Rebranded 9800 GTX+ with bigger frame buffer. Move along, nothing to see here.