IncGamers: Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II Review

IncGamers' Spanner Spencer finds out what happens when RTS meets RPG in Relic's long-awaited sequel.

"Let's pause here for a second, just in case you're a huge Dawn of War (or Warhammer in general) fan and are thinking about emptying your basket over there at the online games shop. Yes, this barely has enough units to constitute a proper RTS, but it's worth knowing it makes for a pretty awesome RPG."

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Maticus4002d ago

Certainly does sound more of an RPG, but it looks good regardless.

Fyzzu4002d ago

I really, really want this. I really do. And if only GfW Live worked on my computer, I'd be able to play it.

Dorjan4002d ago

I agree, this is totally more like Commandos than C&C!