Sony launches a new PS3 anniversary bundle this month

To celebrate the second PS3 birthday in Europe, Sony decided to launch a new PS3 bundle this month.

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TOO PAWNED4006d ago

cute, now give me model with nothing and cut damn price

Lifendz4006d ago

Not bad. Release a bundle in the states with MGS4 and KZ2, design the PS3 in some limited edition style, and include a dualshock and a headset and watch the sales fly.

Doppy4006d ago

This is nice, but they should have added a popular movie release on Blu Ray with it just to remind people of Blu Ray.

I would have put out an 80GB console with Uncharted (Adventure), Heavenly Sword (Action), Resistance: FOM (FPS), Motorstorm Pacific Rift (Racing), and Ratchet and Clank (Platformer) for $399. These are all great games, and it's been long enough for them to have fallen off the sells charts, and this would refresh those numbers. Not to mention it's to good of an offer to pass up.

And something of equal value with the 160GB console.

The Peoples ARMPIT4006d ago

Sony is really on a roll now. Nothing is stopping them anytime soon so either get on the band wagon or get the f##k out the way.

Can you smell me?

jay24006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

NO! I mean those games are both around 1 year old them selves.

table4006d ago

still very popular games for first time buyers.

BIGBOSS084006d ago

who cares how old they are? those games are the 2 biggest names!

II Necroplasm II4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

It's a anniversary bundle guy come on! These series started on the Playstation brand and now they are still kicking and their the best selling games for the PS.

TheMART4006d ago

What about... Just a pricecut on the PS3 to hit 299 EUro?

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The story is too old to be commented.