UT3: Trophy and Splitscreen now available user has downloaded an update of Unreal Tournament 3 version PAL for 112Mb which should add trophies list and splitscreen mode

No new maps

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Doppy4012d ago

Split Screen would have been nice about a year ago, and trophies would have been nice when they started being implemented in games.

Keowrath4012d ago

So they're not nice now?

I'm more than happy to have my favourite fps franchise go split screen on the PS3. I don't care how long it's taken but my copy of the game will be dusted off and getting a good amount of play again.

Sure, it would have been nice to get it earlier or with release but this was completely unexpected and I think the devs deserve a massive pat on the back for releasing something like this a year and a bit after release. Not to mention it's completely free!

Statix4012d ago

You mean like when MGS4 got updated with Trophies when they first became available? Oh, wait...

Let's not be ungrateful for free updates and DLC for already-released games, now.

wooferine4012d ago

I think Epic should be given kudos for their monumental effort in developing such a generous update. Getting split screen is an unexpected surprise given that Epic originally stated they would not develop a split screen patch for the PS3. And trophies are welcome anytime in my book!

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chasegamez24012d ago

oh well i just tried no update for me

ajrobson4012d ago

Yeah I heard on that some people got the update early this morning (well it added the trophies at least) trust me to have the american version!

The Peoples ARMPIT4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

Hmm can you say Gears 1+2 on the ps3 soon? They sure as hell are supporting it alot. Face it you xrejects, your beloved turd is ours haahaaaahaaahaa.

Oh yeah by the way, can you smell me?

The_Rock4012d ago

The People's Armpit? The Rock says, go delete your account right now or he'll shove his size 13 boots straight up your candy ass!

Pintur4012d ago

the list trophies disappear after synchronization.

You can try?

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The story is too old to be commented.