TTL: Logitech VX Nano Wireless Notebook Mouse Review

TTL writes: "You go to a coffee shop, and you look around, and you'll see a little slice of laptop history. There are new Macs, old Macs that still look great, dressed up Dells, ugly fat Compaqs, and no mice in sight (except for maybe that crotchety old Linux dude (the beard tells all, Linux dude) who's spliced an honest-to-God PS/2 mouse into his "notebook"). People seem to accept touchpads, and yet I don't know anyone who longs for one for their desktop.

Finally, when you decide, screw it, I'm getting a mouse for my machine, there're all kinds of options. Spendy Bluetooth mice, shrunken wired mice, and prices all over the map. Personally, I use a dinky wired mouse with a spring-loaded cable and never really looked back."

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