What's wrong with sex in videogames?

There's been another moral outry surrounding gaming, this time relating to sexual content. But is a bit of sex in games really a bad thing?

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chickeninabasket4010d ago

Bring on the nasty. Good article

WildArmed4010d ago

It'd be hard for 13-16 year old demographic to get a decent game then.
As it is, most game do have some 'suggestive' themes. But.. its better for devs if MORE people buy the game.

Games like Uncharted, Gears do that very well. Cover the whole demographic without isolating.
Now Mass Effect and god of war are another story. Oh i forgot the infamous GTA series.
Cautious parents might not like their child playing it (not so sure how many are out there anymore considering the recent articles.)

f7897904004d ago

By taking out unnecessary gore and nudity, movies can make so much more money by avoiding an R rating.