Achievements: Resident Evil 5 (including images)

Console Monster writes: "With the game releasing as Biohazard 5 in Japan today, the achievements have been unveiled and we have just added the Achievements for Resident Evil 5 on the Xbox 360. The list confirms how many chapters we will be playing through, that the game contains four difficulties and that we'll be collecting the likes of eggs, treasures, emblems and even action figures…

My favourite achievement has to be: "Egg on Your Face" which requires players to "defeat a Majini with a rotten egg." As for the images, I would have liked to see a more casual approach with character faces and zombie heads though they are definitely worth a look. Resident Evil 5 can be bought in stores from next week.

The list contains 50 achievements worth 1000 GamerScore:

Completed Chapter 1 - 1 - 15 GamerScore
Complete Chapter 1 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 1 - 2 - 15 GamerScore
Complete Chapter 1 - 2 on any difficulty setting..."

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Dannagar4010d ago

Nice! It looks like a far set of achievements to unlock.

iNcRiMiNaTi4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

i hate those chapter achievements. as well as the complete this "?" mode in -- difficulty. i want something a little more challenging than that. alot of those achievements i can see myself getting in about an hour or less in my first playthrough. instead of the chapter ones they shouldve had ones specific to mercenaries mode. like a time attack, or get an X number of kills in a certain time limit, and limit the weapons u can use to achieve them. but aside from the chapter and difficulty ones they seem somewhat varied at least. i already did a couple of those achievements in the demo alone tho :(

FinalomegaS4010d ago

Looks like that's an easy 1000 for me. Surprised they don't have any for mercenary game, maybe the one that says achieve the maximum kill count...But regardless all easy for me.