PlayStation 3 hits 2 million in the UK

GI.Biz writes: "Sony Computer Entertainment UK has revealed that the PlayStation 3 has broken through the 2 million unit milestone in the UK, ahead of the second anniversary of its release in Europe, while the PlayStation Portable has now passed the 3 million mark nationally.

But the company's senior VP and MD for SCE UK, Ireland & Nordic, Ray Maguire, has admitted to that Sony is going through a tough time at the moment, partly due to overarching issues that the company has no control over - although he is confident that its flagship console will continue to grow by around another 1 million units in the next 12 months."

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RememberThe3574007d ago

Thats pretty damn good. Keep it pushing Sony, your gaining some momentum so now it's time to push the hell out of Infamous and cut the price.

die_fiend4007d ago

Hmmmm, it's not pretty damn good considering the size of the UK games market. But yeah hurry up and cut the price, I need a blu ray player that can also play some sweet games.

WildArmed4007d ago

Hmm. I thought they were doing better.
But i guess UK's gaming market is smaller.
2mil in 2years n 4 months? or somthing.
I guess it aint too bad.
A price cut would help, but i think Sony needs to start making profit from all the loss of the initial ps3s..
so profit first, cut later :D

Cyrus3654007d ago

^^^ Nah, remember PS3 launched later in Europe/UK I believe they launched in Mid of March, so it's roughly exactly 2 years.

PirateThom4007d ago

2 million in just under 2 years, it didn't release here until late March.

Not to mention, at launch, the PS3 became the UK's fastest selling home console, only beaten by the PSP in terms of game hardware.

WildArmed4007d ago

my bad.
I guess i was misinformed ^^

IzKyD13314007d ago

"so it's roughly exactly 2 years"

lol, roughly exactly ; )

gamesmaster4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

yes i'm absolutely certain it might have come out in march....maybe. lol

jammy_704006d ago

so that leaves 58 million people in UK with no ps3... go buy it.....

WildArmed4006d ago

lol Jammy you do realize that some of those 58 million migth be living together hence do not need to buy a ps3.
Usually people ahve 1 ps3 for 3-5 people (family)

XxZxX4006d ago

skv007, no everybody need to get one. In the name of the Queen.

na2ru14006d ago

So thats less than a year.

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Why o why4007d ago

anyway well done sony. bit by bit, brick by brick you are building another legacy ALL over the world

Jerk1204007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Took them long enough.

But not like I expected much from Suckstation 3.

What's that, Waseem? You know that Ps3 sucks too?

Welcome to the club, my man. The TRUTH club.

user8586214007d ago

suckstation dats wat we call ur mama :)

Panthers4007d ago

There are just too many great games coming to the PS3 this year and the next.

dylandurden4007d ago

... more and more great games will arrive in the years to come.

e1ace4007d ago

So thanks 5 months faster than x360. Good going Sony :D

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