Resident Evil 5 launch in Japan

Andriasang writes: "The first one, taken from the Shinjuku Yodobashi Camera where I got my Yakuza 3 copy signed, says that there wasn't anything to report as late as 9:30, or about 30 minutes prior to opening time. However, by 9:15, 40 people had gathered -- although not actually in a line. Things continued to pick up, making the store begin sales 10 minutes in advance.

One person at the head of the group said that his RE5 bundle of choice had been sold out online, and he wanted to make sure that he got a system, which is why he arrived early. The PS3 and Xbox 360 bundles were selling well, the site reports, with the PS3 version managing to sell out in about 20 minutes."

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Bumpmapping4010d ago

Another victory for sony :)

dragunrising4010d ago

Do you own stock in Sony? I'm assuming no.

You should say: "Another victory for Capcom," or "Another victory for gamers." Royalty fees of $10 per game isn't a "huge" victory for anyone. Japan also will sell the fewest copies of RE5. Whats your point? Its a victory for all parties.

Helghast Slayer4009d ago

Another victory over ^^^ troll. Yes capcom will benifit but so will Sony. RE5 will give the ps3 an inevitable boost from previous fans who where waiting to pick one up for the game. So yeah it is also good news for the ps3.

I can see why you are mad. Not much good news lately for your side of the camp huh? lol.

Kushan4009d ago

It's good news for Microsoft as well, you know. Obviously Japan 360 sales are going to pale in comparison to PS3 sales, but that just makes sense - There's a lot more PS3s in Japan than 360s and since RE5 is identical on both systems, the Japanese gamer has no reason to want to buy the a 360 bundle if they already own a PS3. Plus, since most of their friends will have PS3's, even if they own both consoles they'd likely buy it on PS3.

However, that's not the case in most of the rest of the world, where the market is more evenly cut. Every time a multi-platform games comes out, there's always claims of it selling better on one system over another, but the difference is usually marginal and it often jumps back and forth between the two consoles - even "crappy" ports tend to sell about the same on both.
It's going to be a brilliant game and probably one of the best co-op games this year, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

NMC20074009d ago

I agree, it must be REALLY hard for PS3s to sell over there, victory indeed, the Japanese finally had a reason to pick one up.

Jesus Christ. -_-

Victory, you make it sound like just selling a PS3 is a victory for Sony, what did they win? I want to see the victory prize that Sony is awarded for selling some consoles, something they do every single day, I want to see, anyone got pics of this victory prize?

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belal4009d ago

sony is gaining on the sales of the console :)

not capcom, sooooo

another victory for sony :)

but i hope this game turns out to play well :)

Bumpmapping4009d ago

@blind Apparently you didn't read the article,sony sold more RE5 bundles then yeah it's a victory for Sony not 360 :)

SageFrancis4009d ago

i miss japan. if anyone gets the chance, go to tokyo, any true gamer will absolutely love it, especially ahibara

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

'Resident Evil 5' for the PS3 in Japan is called 'Biohazard 5'
'Resident Evil 5' for the xBox 360 in Japan is called 'Firehazard 5'

;-D ;-D ;-D

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