Miles of Japanese line up for Resident Evil 5

It's now officially launch day for Biohazard 5, or more commonly know as Resident Evil abroad, in Japan! Thousands of Japanese have lined up, eagerly waiting for their chance to pick up the title.

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qface644005d ago

20 bucks says all those people are lining up for the ps3 version

MURKERR4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

ps3 sales should soar,but 360 should see a little boost also

Dannagar4005d ago

Their source is Famitsu

They show both selling. However, It's obvious that PS3 will out sale Xbox in Japan.

TOO PAWNED4005d ago

So after Yakuza 3, PS3 will continue to dominate for a few weeks in Japan, awesome.
RE5 will probably help 360 in Japan, on two pics we can see people getting 360 version or bundle, so i guess that's good for them, but still we all know PS3 will sell more.

cayal4005d ago

so we know it has sold at least 2 on Xbox. Good for Microsoft!

shadowfox4005d ago

so many people. do lines like that actually happen for any games in the US? Grand Theft Auto or Halo, perhaps? i've never seen one, though I don't exactly live in a populated area.

RyuStrife4005d ago

I've seen it done for the launch of the consoles, but never for games. Maybe Halo too.

Godmars2904005d ago

The 360 version was released a day early - through no underhanded effort by MS - Honest!

qface644005d ago

that tells you something
if the 360 version was released 1 day earlier and there were no lines until the official release seems like those are all ps3 owners

was it just that one store?

cayal4005d ago

It's one store (or franchise) and it is being grossly over-exaggerated.

Delta4005d ago

Cool, can't wait for the U.S. release.

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The story is too old to be commented.