The Past, Present and Future of Digital Distribution

From the article: "I want to preface this piece by stating a few axioms I've come to find evident in modern culture. We live in a very fast paced, "throw away" society. Products, relationships, entertainment, etc.. we all dive into and give them up when they lose their value to us. Bored of a game? Sick of your significant other? Consume all of a product? Throw it away and find a new one. This sort of mindset however goes hand in hand with another trend.

The trend I'm talking about is the availability of replacements for everything we are throwing away. Now whether this trend developed because people's mind set was I want it and I want now (demand creating mass supply), or there was such a supply that people became used to always having a replacement (supply leading to demand). Debating what lead to what however is a bit chicken and the egg, but I'd like to believe technology was the catalyst in providing very effective avenues to allow supply to meet demand more effectively."

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