Inafune To Use RE4 engine For Wii Development

In a GDC 2007 lecture, Head of Capcom Production Studio 2 Keiji Inafune discussed the troubles in porting some of Capcom's next-gen engines to Wii and if he'd be willing to develop mature titles for the system.

When asked if the engines for Xbox 360's Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and Dead Rising would be used for projects on other platforms, Inafune stated that the engines has been optimized for multiplatform usage, but that they wouldn't work on Wii. Instead, the developer is looking to utilize the Resident Evil 4 engine for some Wii projects.

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GaMr-4631d ago

Wasnt that...ummmm "Last-Gen" ?

ohhh wii wii wii. (SMH) Well the younger side of my family will get a kick out of it this christmas!

ChickeyCantor4631d ago

uhm like DOES IT MATTER since RE4 was awsome.

BBsin4631d ago

Yes it does matter... just b/c RE4 was good doesnt mean that whatever game made through the same engine will be, that just means that the games made with that engine will use the same Technology offered and probably wont look much better since it is dated.

TheExodus4631d ago

Coming to Wii from PS2 that RE4 engine still looks pretty damn sweet today given that it's nearly two years old. Wonder what Capcom's up to with twice the power at their disposal & a grown-up sized DVD?

PS360WII4631d ago

Capcom's on a roll right now. So to hear that they are going to use RE4 engine is awesome. They want to take the Wii serious and they start off with some big guns. Wonder what it'll be

ChickeyCantor4631d ago

and still evryone is jerking off on God Of War2 for the Ps2?..........
and becozz its old it means its for sure the games will suck?

narrow minded indeed.

BBsin4629d ago

Second, when you said "uhm like DOES IT MATTER since RE4 was awsome." you are pretty much implying that since RE4 was an awesome game, that game will also be good just b/c it's using the same engine as RE4 (which has nothing to do with gameplay)....

See, what i dont think you're getting here is that GOW2 is a PS2 game using the same engine as GOW1 (you get what you pay for). In terms of technology, you probably can't get much better than that for the PS2. But in this case, we're talking about a NEXTGEN system using a last gen system's game engine. I mean why is it that you have to buy a new system that uses the very same technology that the previous system had. How would everyone feel if Konami announced that MSG4 is using the same engine as MSG3??? Would you still say "Does it Matter since MGS3 was Awesome!?" i dont think so. Like i said. don't get me wrong, I'm not saying these games will suck b/c it's using the RE4 engine. My point is if they are making games with lastgen technology on the Wii, why get one in the first place?? You might as well say that the only thing nintendo did was add motion sensor controllers to a gamecube. I just find it hard to believe you would not find that the great system you spent $250 on and waited in line for is using the same dated technology as it's predecessor a little demoralizing. So excuse us all for wanting what we paid for. I'm pretty sure if they told you that they would be using the same technology as mid generation gamecube games the response and hype for the Wii wouldn't be nearly as high as it would be now.

GaMr-4630d ago

Its not about being Narrow minded at all. The wii is cool but if their upcoming event is the "R.E.4 Engine" then things arent looking good for them. Yeah RE4 was sweet. But when I hear "Next-Gen Gaming" Im looking for the Unreal Engine 3.0, Cri's Middleware, Rage engine(The new on of course and whatever else newer games that are coming out. Yes people are spazzing of God of War 2. Thats because its a PS2 game. So your comparing a PS2 game to the wii's upcoming title? If an annoucement comes in 4 months or so saying. GOD of War 3 to use God of War 2 engine from PS2 then that would be depressing. Notice the word "Next" in Next-Gen. Yea RE4 was sweet. Your not telling me. But I doubt RE5 is using the RE4 engine. So why would I be hyped over it..


ChickeyCantor4630d ago

"So your comparing a PS2 game to the wii's upcoming title?"

no, he said its last-gen, but still gow2 would be cool and shît?
you can think of UE.3.0 engine, but still doesnt change the fact that you cant tell a game using a last-gen engine would suck for sure, i mean since the PS3 suddenly all the games in the past suck......why? becozz its next-gen?

dude thats just narrow-minded.

you shouldnt be hyped about anything, thats what starts the foolish fanboy wars.
i do believe that older engines can be used for great games.

another thing: NEXT-GEN doesnt always mean "good" games.
remember "Nighty-Nine Nights" ? it was soooooo hyped and in the end dissapointing.

now tell me does it really matter if its last-gen? becozz it depends on the developers how good a game is really going to be, not a HYPE or a engine.

offcourse a new engine means new features......but a developer is still a human that needs to make those features look good, while its fun

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