Opinion: Windows 7's UAC is a broken mess; mend it or end it

The changes Microsoft has made to Windows 7's UAC render it little more than a pesky annoyance. If this is the path the company wishes to go down, it should stop doing things by halves and kill it off altogether.

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morganfell4005d ago

Ubuntu FTW. Jaunty Jackalope is the only way to go. Look at the daily build and you won't look back.

DJ4005d ago

They're simply running around the problem rather than solving it head on. The annoyance of the UAC doesn't bother me so much as how easy it is to hijack the damn thing. And yet Microsoft refuses to acknowledge that this is a problem, going so far as to call UAC's ability to be attacked as "a built in feature."

Maybe anti-Microsoft people are working within Microsoft?? That's the only plausible explanation I can think of.

rawd4005d ago

Windows is a broken mess. OSX ftw

DeadlyFire4005d ago

I hate UAC crap. I understand its goal, but Microsoft isn't trying to do the right thing with it. They should just end it. I just cut it off anyway. Its never useful. I use a firewall and I have no problems with anything on my PC.

Jrome4005d ago

Wow, people need to shutup about the UAC. In vista it was fine, people complained cause it asks you to do everything (kind of like linux and osx)..sure it asks a little more but that is security plus you could turn it down anytime. Sometimes the technewbs need the UAC as well. I know my mom wouldn't survive without that UAC bugging her all the time, on XP she always got viruses.

Now they changed it, it's less secure and people are still complaining, wow. This is purely retarded.

You people need to make up your minds.

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