Sarcastic Gamer: Dear Killzone 2 We Need To Talk…

Sarcastic Gamer's biggest PS3 fanboy, Rothbart, writes an open letter about his love/hate relationship with Killzone 2.

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MURKERR4000d ago

'Do you go out and “play” with other men after I’ve gone to bed at night? I’ve been hearing how you’ve been hosting parties with up to 32 other men'.

hilarious article

WildArmed4000d ago

One of the most hilarious articles ever.
Might piss off a few people but w/e.
It was a good read.

But wow, i think he just sucked. 11hours?
I clocked in about 6-7 hours max and did it on Hard.. going through Elite atm.

I guess his journalist skills make up for his lack of gaming skills ^^

thereapersson4000d ago

I'm playing my first time through the game on Veteran mode and so far I've died 80 times, and I *just* got through Visari Square.


Helghast Slayer4000d ago

I finished it on medium in roughly 6-7 hours. Now i'm currently playing it on hard. I'll tell you what, it feels like a completely different game. Killzone2 FTW!!!

MURKERR4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

its killing me,the A.I. is too f**king smart

@svkv007...why would people be pissed of at this article i dont understand? is gaming so highly strung that we cant have a laugh anymore?

Chris3994000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

The AI is REALLY DAMN SMART. You literally cannot miss a beat. I'm a single-player kinda guy, I only play games for their stories, so I dropped the difficulty down a notch (hard => normal) and I've been having a blast ever since.

And apparently I'm a sightseer, because I'm just at the other end of the Bridge and at around 8 hours. I've collected all the intel and shot all of the plaques or whatever they are though, so I'm dawdling for a reason :)

SL1M DADDY4000d ago

Granted, he's not as bad as some but I beat the level he is talking about in just a touch over an hour and a half. You just gotta keep pushing forward!

gameplayer4000d ago

Great article, really enjoyed the read! Wish more of this type of stuff would be posted on N4G...

Tarasque4000d ago

Well if the controls would have been spot on i could beat the game in about 4 hours, kinda funny i ran up to almost everyone during the whole game and melee them.

WildArmed4000d ago


Fanboys will get mad at anything that has negative about Game X..
If you read the last page, thats why.

Major_Tom4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

You're really going out of your way to deface Killzone 2. If you don't like it, play Call of Duty 4, problem solved.

edit: Ya, as expected, reading your comment history told me lots.

Shepherd 2144000d ago

damn, its only a 6-7 hour campaign? I thought it would be much longer judging by how badly biased fanboys trashed Halo 3's around 8-9 hour campaign, or gears 2's 6-7 hour campaign.

Not sure which game is better but its frustrating how a 6-10 hour campaign is only a problem if its not a sony exclusive.

Dark General4000d ago

It's true playing the game of Vet is a nice challenge. You can't miss a beat or you're pretty much screwed. Loved this article.

"As a matter of fact i'm going to a private party with 31 of my colleagues it's hosted by... Oh dear."

rockleex3999d ago

In case you didn't know, PS3 fanboys were only attacking Gears's short singleplayer because 360 fanboys were attacking Lair, Heavenly Sword, and Uncharted for being short.

Anyways, people like you need to stop with the fanboy nonsense. -_-"

Shepherd 2143998d ago

im not spewing out any fanboy nonsense. im just defending my games man.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi4000d ago

LOVE/LOVE relationship with Killzone 2!!! ;-P

maverick11914000d ago

killzone 2 = awesome best game on a console

micro_invader4000d ago

Hilarious article. I lol'd out loud.

Juevani4000d ago

nice article but dude u need to get laid.. and not from Killzone but a real girl.. anyway, I finished the damn thing on veteran and clocked in 8hours of gameplay, thats the average time of all FPS games now adays so its not bothering me.. but the MP is one of a kind, No game ever have made me feeling like im actually fighting for something when im online, i cant wait to get home and get online.. cya ya all online..

PSN ID : Madness-J

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