5 Tweaks Sony Should Make to the XMB

The XMB on the PS3 is a very different animal than the Xbox 360 Tabs or Avatar interface. The XMB is an entity of pure function. It's easy to grasp and easy to navigate. At launch it was rather plain and feature lacking, but over the years Sony has steadily improved on it. They added themes, picture galleries, information bar, support for flash, the list goes on. There are a couple of minor features that are so obvious they just make you wonder why the hell Sony didn't include them. Here they are in no particular order.

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Handsome_Devil4005d ago

now adding these would be nice, but the fact that non of them is important to a gamer and it enhance 0% of the over all experience in gaming makes it totally unimportant.

I would rather see Sony Playstation work on a way to have a party system, and/or a tournament/Ladder application for the PS3 games. Than see them waist time and resources in this list.

Horny Melon4005d ago

Really though, these features could be done by the intern. Each individual game has a party/clan system and a ladder/tournament application could similarly be done server side.

Handsome_Devil4005d ago

excuse my language in here, as you are going to find a lot of mistakes. After all this is not my native language :)

I can see what you are saying, but the fact that not all games support inside tournaments/ladders make it worthless some times to have a clan support. Now I have a clan and we have been around for over a year now, actually going to the second year soon :). We have been going from a site to another for the past ( almost ) two years, we jumped to then and even tournament. we moved from a game to another, Warhawk we used to be really good at, then CoD:MW going to GTA IV where we hit our prime in it, now we are at CoD:WaW and going to KillZone 2.

and its just tooo much going through sites to play in the tournament/ladder, having all the members to register in the site bla bla bla.

but if we had a tournament/ladder application that is compitable with the PS3, and each game get released would be compatible with it. Would make it a lot easier for the clans and player to play and compete each other, and would add a whole new experience.

now I understand it also need moderation and would cost something. Moderation could go with the fans of each game been picked carefully, or they could sell the teams on each ladder/tournament. Like, if you wanna open a team for Killzone 2 ladder that would cost you like, lets say $5 a season.

and this ladder would me much better the way I see it, because every one have access to it, and I think it will have more teams than any other site.

Don't you think that would be better ?

sinncross4005d ago

You know while I agree I think any tweaks to the XMB are always welcomed.

These are the sort of things that come in the minor updates.. it would be erroneous of Sony not to make their OS more user friendly and more fully fledged (not that it needs much improvement).

Besides, Sony focusing on one area at a time is not viable... imagine just an update that improved the music section. That could prove a waste of an update for many ppl. The more rounded updates they do usually give are better, so this list could easily be made into an update with many other things added.

Megaton4005d ago

More avatars! For the love of everything that's awesome... MOOOAAAR AVATARS! Last time we got a new handful was around when Haze launched. If they won't allow customs, they could at least give us a few new ones with the weekly store update. Hell, even a monthly avatar update would be great. Anything's better than nothing at all.

I'm also feeling the background selector on multi-screen themes. I bought an abstract one from the store, and while the whole thing looks good, I really like the blue/black background far more than the other two.

riksweeney4005d ago

1. Launch straight into Home


thehitman4005d ago

List of tweaks I ever think I will see. Only thing I could say they could add is a auto launch home option. It would definetly make more people go into home. All those theme shyts should be not even in Sony minds because all are theme preferences that can be made/edited with the theme editor.

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