G4TV: 20 Minutes of BlazBlue Direct-Feed Gameplay

Today's news of the 2D fighting arcade gem BlazeBlue coming to home consoles, has 2D fighting fans everywhere on notice. BlazBlue offers a tremendous step up for the 2D fighting genre into the HD era and makes its way from the arcade to the PS3 and Xbox 360. These editions will feature new modes, the latest arcade character roster and of course all the awesome epic moves (anime cut scene finishers = win) and fighting complexity as it's arcade brethren.

Aksys Games' Assistant Marketing Manager Harry Chang, gives G4TV a front-seat look at their console version for all the intimate details.

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housegroove764002d ago

all I have to say is THAT is what a true fighting game is all about!! amazingly drawn hi-res 2D sprites with smooth as silk animations and a deep gameplay engine. Day 1 purchase for sure!!!

rbluetank4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

it should sale well there. i do not believe it will sell well in the USA!! SF/Tekken/SC4 games are better then this game! i wish them well....