TTL: Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook Computer Review

TTL writes: "Netbooks are the new and hip category in mobile computing. Other than the "toy" aspect of the device - they aren't for your computer-gearhead, the overclocker, or the enthusiast in general - it might be tough to figure out where you would use it. But to simply write off the device is a major mistake, as sales continue to increase."


+Tiny form factor makes it great for traveling.
+Easy to upgrade RAM, SSD (and SSD performance will only increase)
+No moving parts (no spinning hard drive)


-Cost is more than other netbooks
-Battery is only 4-cell (other netbooks offer 6-cell; up to 6-hours)
-Atom chip doesn't have enough horsepower to decode HD video (though Nvidia's Ion platform will fix that)

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