Gamepyre: HIS Radeon HD3650 Review

Gamepyre writes: "Hightech Information Systems (HIS Tech) is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of video cards that uses ATI chips exclusively. They carry the full lineup from ATI including the high-end HD3870X2 and the HD3870. The market for high-end cards is about to change with the release of the HD4xxx series in the next few weeks, but there's no indication of cards to replace the mainstream as of yet. With every new generation of ATI card, there's a high-end, a mainstream and a value segment. The HD3650 is the mainstream version of the HD3xxx series, the 3450 was the value segment of the HD3xxx series. The card on the review bench today is the HIS HD3650 Turbo card, based upon the mainstream chip from ATI with HIS modifications."

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