LittleBigPlanet Level Creation

How to build your own levels.

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kingboy4640d ago

game for father & son playing together..heck the whole family too lol

Sphinx4640d ago

If two people can play this game on one console?

techie4640d ago

As far as I can see 4 people can play this on one console...the demo was of 4 people playing it on one of course...not everybody is going to be connected to the net.

Sphinx4640d ago

And it is coming out in the fall? This might be enough to convince the wife to let me get a PS3... she would like playing a game like this with me... but I still can't see me playing the PS3 more than the 360.

techie4640d ago

Lol it shouldnt be a competition between consoles. Anyway...if you create a really good level from the online may well go into the retail version that will hit stores...

Keyser4640d ago

I wonder if you created a board that was successful enough to retail if they would send you a royalty check. I'm kidding. That was a joke.

This is a great game because it's like the Youtube of games. People are going to make wild interesting boards to get "play" and comments on the server. Great idea!

Sphinx4640d ago

I'm not making it a competition, just saying that this looks like a lot of fun, but I'll still play my 360 more. Too many good games that are my style of games on the 360. It would just be weird, not the norm, to spend more time without an older toy (the 360) than a newer toy (the PS3) for me. I guess I was just talking to myself or something... I'm definitely not trying to start a flame war over this.

techie4640d ago

Sphinx i totally understand...that wasn't my implication. I just thought it was amusing you were having internal wars with consoles. Kudos.

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PureGamer4640d ago (Edited 4640d ago )

im more hyped up for this than halo 3. Cant wait for it.

Bathyj4640d ago

You used you're only bubble to say that.

I agree, this game came out of no where and just jumped straight to the top of my most wanted list. I'm the sort of person who will probably spend more time creating levels than playing them. I used to love making skateparks in Tony Hawk.

Cos I like you're taste so much and this game has given me such a warm, fuzzy vibe, have some + feedback.

PS. I love the way the charactors can "act". It would have been so cool at the end of the demo if all four had lined up and taken a bow. Magic.

Bad_Karma4640d ago

Agree totally .. looks really cool and masses of fun .

chitown4640d ago

this is really innovative. good job sony

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The story is too old to be commented.