TeamXbox: Wheelman Demo Impressions

TeamXbox writes: "There's something about the inclusion of Vin Diesel in a game that immediately gets me interested. It's partially the unmistakable voice and the usually spot on 3D rendering of his shaved dome (no need for complex hair physics with him) but it's also because Mr. Diesel is a gamer, and usually has a hands on role in the games he appears in. He really is human video game star as much as he is a movie star.

His new game Wheelman – recently announced as being co-published by Midway and Ubisoft – features Vin as Milo, a get-away driver in the service of whoever will pay him the most to get them away from the cops and anyone else trying to mess with that person. The game is due to hit store shelves later this month, but tomorrow, March 5th, a demo of the game will be available for download on Xbox Live. We've played the demo through a couple times now, and it offers a pretty good slice of what Wheelman will have to offer gamers."

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