The 'Break It Down' Blog: Tom Clancy's Endwar Review

The 'Break It Down' Blog writes: "Tom Clancy's EndWar is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game set about 10 years in the future. In EndWar you play as either the United States of America, the European Federation, or Russia in the battles that lead up to and include World War III. Unlike most RTS games in EndWar there is no base or resources management. There is just the fighting portion of RTS games. Yet, even this is a little different because the unit cap is 12. So, you need to use your available units wisely to win. EndWar also has a unique control setup in that all of your units can be controlled completely with voice commands. You can still use the controller in addition or instead of the voice commands, but it is not required."


score was 8.5/10.

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