Why Did Only Xbox 360 Resident Evil 5 Go On Sale First?

This picture was taken at major Japanese retailer Bic Camera on March 4. Resident Evil 5 does not go on sale on March 4 in Japan, but on March 5.

While street dates are commonly broken in North America or places like Dubai, it much less common in Japan. What is bothering some Japanese gamers about this broken street date is only the Xbox 360 version went on sale early.

Add in the fact that not only the Xbox 360 version went on sale first at Bic Camera, but also the red controller, and some believe that Microsoft was behind this "false start".

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Dannagar4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

I question the importants of Resident Evil 5 in Japan. The series has been so westernized, does it even fit the tastes of Japanese consumers anymore? I don't think a day will help Xbox 360 in Japan. Maybe a week, but not a day.

MisterNiwa4000d ago

Well, if it wouldve been that much Westernized, the West wouldnt complain so much about it, dont you think? Capcom knows what the West want, so why should theyve failed this time with this big Franchise!

Ja, sure they westernized it a lot, but its not like the Japanese hate it, as long as you dont move like an rapid maniac and kill everything that moves they wont hate it.

Well, i know many japanese that got Motion Sickness, and there are a lot in japan, even Hideo Kojima has it, yes, Hideo, Kojima.

So in my opinion, Resident Evil is going to sell well, not on 360, i doubt that, but on PS3.

@Xbox Fanboys,

No seriously, Disagree and you agree that you are a bunch of blind idiots!

XxZxX4000d ago

because they dont give a damn?

evilmonkey5014000d ago

the IMPORTANCE is that it is made by Capcom. A Japanese game company that sells oodles of everything to everyone.

Kushan4000d ago

Piracy is the reason a game went on sale early? Ummmm...that makes no sense...

Th3 Chr0nic4000d ago

Its one day get over it people. if you are that upset over one day then you need therapy or a visit to China's game addictions center

DominusRebellis4000d ago

Biohazard is the best! See what happens when great PS3 games become multiplat? Release dates cannot be held securely. This never happened for PS, PS2 and PS3 games. Correct me if I'm wrong, but ever since Xbox came into the picture game release dates have been broken left and right. PS3 owners and most Xbox owners are loyal to the gaming industry and anticipate when games are released, not like the Xbox owners who hack their systems and steal games, which ruin everything for everyone..

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shamon4000d ago

ps 3 will sell more but i have both system so i hope it will sell well on both.

OGharryjoysticks4000d ago

I thought Dead Rising would show up on PS3 but obviously there is something beyond my thinking going on.

spunnups4000d ago

If both the Mass Effect and Dead Rising sequels come to the PS3, wouldn't it make sense for them to bring the originals over too or is that is too much to ask?!?!

Hiruma Youchi4000d ago

Because they want the X360 version to sell and when they release it on ps3 its BOUND TO SELL alot also. SO both console gets a share of the Sales and the Profits. thats how you market things.

Parapraxis4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

So if MS gets a handicap in Japan, I suppose you'd be fine if say... Resident Evil 5 was launched a day earlier on PS3 in the US?

ThanatosDMC4000d ago

The same strategy M$ used with releasing their console... now the PS3 is getting closer to their necks with a dull rusty knife... it'll hurt.

Hiruma Youchi4000d ago

Yes I'd be fine it was released 1day earlier. Id get it the next day and so would Millions of people. Theres no you have to be fair in Making money. if you have to make the game get out before the other brands to make more money you do it. Im cool with waiting 1day

beardpapa4000d ago

Who sets the release date of games anyway? Is it the company developing/publishing the game or something else?

Godmars2904000d ago

In some pointless and underhanded marketing ploy, some MS PR douche pulled some favors, dropped some payola, to put the 360 version one whole day before the PS3 one.

cayal4000d ago

"Because they want the X360 version to sell and when they release it on ps3 its BOUND TO SELL alot also. SO both console gets a share of the Sales and the Profits. thats how you market things."

How does that even make sense. All Capcom want is the game to sell and they do not care if they are sold evenly.

Releasing it one day earlier on one console isn't going to somehow make it magically sell more then it would if released on the same day.

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