Zentendo: Trackmania DS Review

Zentendo writes: "Trackmania DS offers a ton of bite-sized pieces of speedy and simplistic racing. It's clean-cut and basic, and is executed pretty well, tailored to the platform with a stylus-based track editor for the creatively inclined -- though there are plenty of tracks already contained within the game. Since its broken into so many small pieces, there are plenty of tracks to check out, and local multiplayer and track sharing could add some replayability for those who enjoy a zippy little racing title on the go. Trackmania DS never really crosses the border between adequate and great, however -- simple is good here, but it also limits the game from doing anything particularly poignant and daring. If Mario Kart isn't quite your thing, give Trackmania DS a try -- it's a fairly solid, very competent racing game in its most basic form, and offers up an enjoyable if basic racing experience on a handheld".

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