Wanted: weapons of fate demo out today on PS store and marketplace

I was looking at the official website and noticed that the demo is due out today!

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Ebi4009d ago

Looks pretty decent. I hope it won't be another shameless cash-in on a movie franchise.

andron4009d ago

We are looking at you Watchmen: The End Is Nigh...

NMC20074009d ago

Downloading: Weapons of Fate Demo, Wrestlemania Demo & Wheelman Demo.

Xbox Live of course.

no1safe4009d ago

Played it already two times... It seems to be pretty good game, but it have some downsites. First of all, movement speed when the character is behind cover is way too slow. Second - aim acceleration, which you can't turn off (or I'm blind)...

andron4009d ago

I found the aim acceleration to be less of a problem when you turn the sensitivity all the way up.