X-Play: Made in Japan: Afrika

Morgan takes a look at the strange "photojournalistic" game Afrika where you play a photographer on safari. A game that could only be...Made in Japan.

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Samer3054007d ago

I like this game. I want a copy in English though. Lmao @ only can be made in japan!

SasanovaS7774007d ago

most people would diss the game, but to tell you the truth, pokesnap was one of the best N64 games ever lie, i loved that game

TheColbertinator4007d ago

Am I the only one who thinks that Sony should have made Afrika about hunting the creatures in a co-op Poaching simulator?

Included with Park Rangers who fire at you with automatic rifles to protect the animals.And you can use the animal hides and pelts to purchase weapons,better vehicles,protected hideouts and hired mercenaries.

Now that would be a game.

lelik4007d ago

that b*tch's voice in the video is the most annoying thing in the world. I don't think i've ever heard anything so annoying. I'm talking worse than the f*cking nanny fran drescher annoying. I mean worse than f*cking scraching a chalkboard annoying. seriously bang my f*cking head against my keyboard as i watch this, annoying. holy sh!t does she need to meet death quickly.

ps. pokemon snap was amazing yo.

Gambit074007d ago

I hate hearing her "review" a game, very clueless & annoying.

Gambit074007d ago

I remember when people were like "OMG the grafix! it's like REAL!" for this game, looks pretty plain now.