Pan-European Online Gaming & Ladder site launched

PanicZoom have great pleasure in announcing the Launch of their Xbox 360 Open Ladders.

PanicZoom is Europe's newest premier online team gaming community for Xbox360 players of all levels. Its aim is to provide a fresh playing field to Teams of all abilities and gaming outlooks, from casual to "pro".

Rich "Funky Diver" McManners, General Manager, said about the Launch of the gaming system;

"We are uniting the most popular features of modern multiplayer gaming. We combine our cutting edge gaming tournament and ladder system with multi-talented, multi-lingual administration and refereeing staff to enhance your team-based gaming with an immersive competitive experience as well as providing support and community features, achieved through building Community Partnerships throughout the European Gaming world.

All of this is made possible through providing an online forum system, communications and support network, and regular content from our professional editorial team, all focused upon online playable and team based gaming for a truly pan-European audience."

The Open Ladders are a fun gaming area where position is based on Win / Loss ratio.

Launching with the GRAW2 Open Ladder today, PanicZoom will, over the upcoming weeks, add many more premier titles to the gaming system.

Sign up and get playing, and look out for yet more exciting ideas and exclusive content soon to be launched on PanicZoom.

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Maldini444639d ago

Looks good and interesting, nice to finally have a dedicated EU Xbox 360 gaming site.

bigdav4639d ago

Just what we've been waiting for, a European Site, run by Europeans, for Europeans, well done PZ