Ubi boss loves PS3 controller

Microsoft bigwigs may be lining up to take a pop at it, but Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot loves the PS3's motion-sensing controller - promising that plenty of Ubi titles will support it.

Guillemot's comments came in an exclusive interview with Eurogamer TV, due to be broadcast soon, with the publisher boss revealing: "We were so happy to see that Sony was taking that direction - we think it will help to have a better experience so we are going to use that a lot."

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shotty6214d ago

We'll if you are being interviewed by a Playstation magazine you tend to tell them what they want

ssj046214d ago

"interview with Eurogamer TV"

Oooh I didn't know Eurogamer TV is a magazine... WOW what a Suprisee..... LOL you should really start reading and stop bashing...

TheMART6214d ago

He says he loves the way they're going... Uh which is the wrong way?!


Those six movementdirection sensors well great. Wii has some real idea behind the controllers, Sony just implemented it wrong.

And I want to feel with rumble when I get shot not to see the screen turn red or so that stinks

joemutt6214d ago

Wii has both, why cant sony?

Marriot VP6214d ago

Sony lost their lawsuit so their not allowed to use a rumble feature.

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