Sony: Only 11-14% of PSP owners have a DS

John Koller of Sony has revealed that only 11-14% of PSP owners have a DS too. Koller also went on to explain that the PSP had to compete against other media players and not just Nintendo, promising the XMB will be improved in the future.

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D R Fz4266d ago

But just to be fair, i'd like to see the percentage of DS owner's that have a PSP.

Nickels4265d ago

I got both DS and PSP, and my son has a PSP and my daughter has the pink DS what are the figures on that, 2 of both in each home?

untouchable4265d ago

11-12% of DS owners have a PSP

DonSqueak4265d ago

How in the name of all things algebra is that?

BIadestarX4265d ago

I have both and I tried to like them.
The PSP became a piece of crap after my brother upgraded my firmware to play a new game and there it goes homebrew.
Nintendo DS - I can't get use to the nintendo (1984) graphics.
I just bought Lunar Knights what a piece of $h!t... The other day I purchased Trauma Center... I played it once.... The new Mario, brain age... I think it's just me.. but I can get into the DS no matter how hard I try... my brain keep telling me... it's a piece of crap.

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