Cing Unveils Project O For The Wii

Staff from Final Fantasy XII, Dragon Quest VIII, Harvest Moon and Chulip working on new Wii title.

The makers of Wish Room, Harvest Moon, Chulip, Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII are teaming up for a new super project for the Wii. Project O (a tentative name, of course) has just started development at two southern Japanese development studios, Cing and Town Factory, to be published in Japan by Marvelous Interactive.

This title is already getting attention due to its growing list of development talent. Serving as producer is Marvelous Interactive's Yasuhiro Wada, general producer of the Harvest Moon series. The game's designer is Yoshiro Kimura, who worked on moon (PlayStation) and Chulip (PS2), and has signed on as a contractor for Marvelous in order to do this title. Another key member of the Harvest Moon series is also reportedly working on the game. Kimura also brought in Kazuyuki Kurashima, another staff member from the moon days.

Not enough for you? Well here are a couple of guys who's past games you'll definitely recognize. Project O's main programmer is Youichi Kawaguchi, the main programmer of Dragon Quest VIII. Serving as art director is Hideo Minaba, the art director of Final Fantsay XII. Minaba, incidentally, now works at Town Factory.

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