TGR:Chess Pro iPhone Game Review "iPhone makes everything fun right, even chess?"

In an endless sea of apps, the App Store is bound to have a few categories with copy and pasted games. Naturally, the first classics to hit the iPhone were common board games, such as checkers, backgammon, chess and more. It certainly seems like more incarnations of these popular turn-based titles are popping up each day, and most offer little more than their competitors. Publisher 99Games has delivered yet another iPhone Chess adaptation in an attempt to grab some of that App Store fat cash.

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NeverforgetNES4285d ago

Chess. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I hate it.

cain1414285d ago

Not really much you can do with Chess that is different...

italianbreadman4285d ago

Yeah. Chess: It's... chess.

Viewtiful4285d ago

Not true at ALL IMO. Chess simulators all suffer from a randomness problem. The only thing developers can do tot vary up difficulty is to give the AI a certain ration of times it'll make the best possible.

So sometimes it'll see the absolute PERFECT move to a frustrating degree, and there's no tricking it. And other times it'll miss the queen sitting diagonal from a pawn.

Point is...there's still a lot of room for improvement and evolution in the genre.

SirLarr4285d ago

Never thought about it that way, I guess chess AI is still a really tricky thing.

That is, until they solve the game :p

shoinan4285d ago

Like the headline quote.

SlamVanderhuge4285d ago

Only chess game I ever liked was Star Wars Chess because you could kill Darth Vader with anyone...even 3P0