TGR:Prototype Hands-On Preview "Bloody Human Surfboards and Decapitations Aplenty"

Superhero games have always been fairly tame, violence-wise. This is for the best, as it keeps little Timmy from asking why his favorite costumed crusader ripped a thug into a pile of bloody pieces. Thankfully, Prototype has created an all new character in Alex Mercer, and because he isn't bound by the rules of traditional superheroism, he is allowed to do whatever he damn well pleases. I recently went hands-on with Prototype, and what I played left me excited about the potential of this open-world action extravaganza.

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cain1414285d ago

This game sounds like so much fun...

italianbreadman4285d ago

Man, I am so amped for this game. I think Radical is going to make something incredible.

NeverforgetNES4285d ago

You had me at Bloody Human Surfboards. hahaah

ihaten4glol4285d ago

Sounds like my kind of game.

vmartin124285d ago

Preordering as soon as I get more info. on the release date.

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The story is too old to be commented.