Sony says: Cell can handle "branching" for AI better than the rest

When Sony introduced the new EDGE toolkit for developers, people began to listen in on the power of the PlayStation 3 and the Cell processor. While still difficult to program for, the toolkit is meant to alleviate some of the more confusing aspects of the new console. Sony also decided to sit down and chat with developers regarding the Cell and this new toolkit.

A developer claimed that there was no way to get interaction between the different SPUs of the Cell. This heralded Sony to come in and teach a miniature lesson about what does and doesn't work with the Cell's SPUs. The interesting tidbit spoken about was branching AI on the Cell. We'll use a quote here so we don't mess up the interpretation: "Branching is a common technique...where a program randomly chooses a few samples from a larger set of options, and then tests each to see which is the best...Most developers have claimed that the SPUs would be absolutely terrible for branching. As Sony put it however, branching is absolutely terrible for ALL processors. In their experience, they said, it is less terrible for the SPUs however. In the upcoming game Heavenly Sword, they said that moving the branching AI off of the Power Processor Unit (PPU) increased the performance of that particular process. In other words, the same branching ran better on the SPUs."

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jpod4631d ago

I'd like to see this in action and see if the AI will be a lot better. Way to go Sony, for now.

Scrumptious4630d ago

Funny all the developers such as Ubisoft say the 360 is clearly the best CPU for A.I. I guess the fanboys will believe anything Sony states.

techie4630d ago

Perhaps its because nobody has known how to use the cell..and sony is the only one who has invested money into seeing how it works. And now they have the tools so who knows...we won't until we see it.

Bullseye4630d ago

i think they are saying the type of branching that is used for A.I seems to work better on the spu than the ppu. I don't think they said, it makes the PS3 better at A.I in general than say, the 360.However, its possible it will turn out to be that way, who knows.

lil bush4630d ago

this going to be awhile before we see if this is true or not.

AllroundGamer4630d ago

A processor cant make AI better, thats just nonsense. It dependes only on the developers, how advance they make it. Therefore its better to see some exclusive titles, that are fully optimized for current platform than multiplatform games. Sure they could rework the AI to add extra content to a PS3 game, but it would cost a lot of work, it isnt just about the programming, but also scripting and leveldesigning...

DJ4630d ago

but it does allow for it, especially if it processes and communicates data between cores/threads at a much higher rate.

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The story is too old to be commented.