GDC 07: UK retailers didn't want the 20GB reports:

"Some UK residents have felt angered by Sony's pricing scheme in the PAL territories. At £425 (~$820 US), European users are paying quite a lot to get a chance to PLAY B3YOND. One reason for the price hike? The government-imposed VAT, which makes up for up to 20% of the cost. "The money doesn't go to Sony," Harrison reminded.

While the availability of a 20GB model would have certainly alleviated some financial pressures on European buyers, it simply wasn't possible: retailers said they only wanted 60GB versions."

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nosmok4242d ago

So other countries dont have tax then? LIES and why is it so much cheaper in France or Germany etc than it is in the UK... and in the US.. yes you pay tax and its cheaper.
Rip Of Britain we call it.

kingboy4241d ago

you fail to understand tax rates differ from country to country

TheExodus4241d ago

It's not VAT. We have salestax levels in some states that reach comporable levels. I'm guessing that the $200 subsidy in Sony's business model required a level of sales they just aren't able to meet in Japan & the US so in order to stem the bleeding it looks like they're going to charge the rest of the world cost & then some.

nosmok4241d ago

so they removed the ps2 emotion engine.. (cost less to manufacture, and then make us pay more..
and yes.. every country has different taxes... but if you check prices.. the difference between the countries still means the UK pays one of the highest to SONY and we get less hardware...
"With the PS2's emotion engine - the CPU - taken out of the PlayStation 3, Sony is relying on in-built emulation to play PlayStation 2 games on the console, and it's confident regular updates will mean a steady stream of classic titles for the machine."

Icryo4241d ago

If i was going to buy a PS3 (which i'm not) then i would definately go for the 60GB model. Why would you want a 20GB hard drive when you could have 60GB? 40GB is a MEGA difference!

Bullseye4241d ago

English people do not say 'cor blimey guv' Well, at least not since the nineteenth century AND we have never talked like Mary bloody poppins Or D1ck van dyke. Not even, may i add, c0ckneys! So there. Now, let me say, my ol' fruit, that the PS3 is deffinately too expensive for us chimney sweeps.

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The story is too old to be commented.