MotorStorm UK Review

Evolution's ballsy off-roader leads the PS3 launch-day race, but has it been worth the wait?

There are so many crashes in MotorStorm it wouldn't surprise us if the Department for Transport started using clips of spectacular smashes for its next road safety campaign. 'Driving too fast off cliffs can KILL', the ad might say. 'Smashing into a 50-ton boulder at 30mph will leave a nasty scrape on your paintwork; at 100mph you'll DIE' could be another slogan. Only you won't cark it. Sure, you'll likely lose a few precious seconds and the battle for first place will become more of an uphill struggle, but moments after your dune buggy explodes in a shower of body panels and flaming engine parts you're back in the hot-seat and the race is on once more.

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techie4631d ago

Now that's more like it. A few more 9's would be nice...

Raist4631d ago

Overall score isn't an average.

lil bush4631d ago

press average 8.4 i can live with that.

Adriokor4630d ago

This game is awesome, I love it, only two things that annoy me are the lack of split screen and slow multi start times.

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