Spore Developer Chris Hecker Apologizes For Calling the Wii a "Piece of Shit"

Remember Maxis developer Chris Hecker calling the Wii a "piece of shit"? He has an apology for you.

"I don't know who has read the internet, yesterday. In a [unintelligible] panel I said a bunch of things. I was trying to be thought provoking and entertaining and fun and a lot of the stuff went too far over the top-on the entertaining and fun side, so that it was no longer thought provoking, just inflammatory. And in the process I hurt a bunch of people I care about. And so, I want to apologize now.

When I'm on stage, I'm me. I'm talking talk from me. From me. I'm not representing EA or Maxis.

I want to make two things perfectly clear.

I do not think the Wii is a piece of shit. Nintendo needs to be applauded for trying to interface on the controller front, the user interface front, on making games accessible, on making a console that you don't need to mortgage your house to afford.

Secondly, it's totally obvious-and I'm sorry that I implied otherwise-that everyone at Nintendo is passionate at making great games. Some of the games give me hope that we will be seen as an art form on par with movies and books"

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Chagy4639d ago

so that dont mean anything the Wii is still crap 2 me

Marty83704639d ago

And I'm another thats passing on the underpowered Wii. I much perfer the PS3 which I will be getting on the 23rd March.

mellowspaz4639d ago

Unlikely to be a fad, the price point makes nintendo's system a second go-to system. Considering that many gamers are purchasing a wii in addition to a 360/ps3, it's not going to end up like the gamecube. An opinion is an opinion, but the fact is Nintendo wii's are still extremely difficult to purchase 5 months after its release, can't say the same for ps3.

OC_MurphysLaw4639d ago

The GDC used to be a "developer" only type event where the developers all came and shared info, OPINIONS, and techniques...

Clearly given the media coverage this GDC has gotten...those days of free speech by roundtables for devs is gone. I get why EA had him do the retraction...they had to. With so much attention drawn to that statement and EA's name being tagged with it...well its not surprising at all.

What it is though is disappointing that this conference like E3 used to be is becoming more of a media circus. It will increasingly be used a showcase event instead of what it should be. Oh well....such is life I guess.

CaliGamer4639d ago

He should have been more thoughtful before he spoke, while I might agree with what he said, as an employee of EA, a company who does business with all 3 console companies it doesn't look good for him to make statements such as this. Common sense will tell any adult that sometimes you have to bite your tongue for the greater good, or in this case your job and your pride. He's lucky he didn't get fired.

MaximusPrime4639d ago

"I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse."

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The story is too old to be commented.