Amazon Blu-Ray Sale: 50% Off

Need to beef up your Blu-Ray collection? Head on over to Amazon and snag one of 46 titles that are 50% off.

There are quite a few title for only $14.95

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OldSchoolGamer4631d ago

That is scary! Will stick to DVD's for awhile I think.

Siesser4631d ago

I'm not gonna say that they aren't expensive, but Amazon also doesn't cut any slack on their prices, it seems. Their original prices are list price. For example, Xmen 3 half off is $20 with Amazon, but $35 new at Best Buy. Picking up Casino Royale Tuesday for $30 instead of the list price $38.95.

Covenant4631d ago

X3, Kingdom of Heaven (director's cut), Black Hawk Down, Courage Under Fire, and House of Flying Daggers are the highlights. Most of the others are forgettable. Still, the above titles are worth a look, esp. in HD.

kmis874631d ago

You can get a further $10 rebate on X3 with this site:

Just a heads up for a real good deal.

Bathyj4631d ago

Mmmmmm Into the Blue on BluRay.

Pause, Zoom, Linger........Repeat.

cuco334631d ago

$15 aint bad at all!
if i had a ps3 i sure would be picking up some BR titles for that price. $30 is a different story.
why do i constantly see BR deals, BR news, BR info, BR sales, BR promotion but rarely see HD DVD? this alone can determine success or failure, add in the fact that ps3 plays BR and went straight forward with a stronger forward approach market penetration
to me it doesnt matter much though

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