Gundam Gives PS3 Second Number One In Japanese Charts

The release of Gundam Musou has seen the PlayStation 3 enjoy its second number one since its release in Japan. The game's sales of almost 171,000 units have also given it a far more commanding lead over the rest of the chart, compared to the less than 49,000 unit first week sales of Sega's Virtua Fighter 5 three weeks ago.

Developed by Koei, the game is a variant of the company's Dynasty Warriors series (known as Sangoku Musou in Japan) using the Mobile Suit Gundam brand from Namco Bandai – apparently after a deal to use the Star Wars license was rejected.

The second highest new entry of the week is also giant robot related, with Banpresto's latest DS iteration in the long running Super Robot Taisen series selling over 139,000 units, with the usual mix of mecha from various different Japanese anime and manga series in the one game.

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lil bush4333d ago

mechs are in all the sudden.

Armyless4333d ago

Mechs have been around since the early Godzilla days. (Did I just let slip how old I am?)

PureGamer4332d ago

looks like the games are coming, funny i havent seen themart around lately?

MaximusPrime4332d ago

most great games just keep on coming for PS3. Keep it up Sony!

As for themart, i haven't seen him lately. Probably shopping for PS3.

Lex Luthor4332d ago

You guys do realise that this game is a pile of sh!t. Check gametrailers and you'll see. The only reason it's top is beacuse the japanese love gundam. Hell even crossfire managed to sell a good amount of copies in japan.

achira4332d ago

thats your opinion. i think the graphics look hot, and the game looks very cool. i would buy it if it would come to europe.

silent ninja4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

personally i don't think it can sell well in the west