Valve: Half-Life 2 Episode 2 Will Be Longer

According to Doug Lombari, director of marketing at Valve, the next Half-Life 2 episode will be noticeably longer than the first. "Episode 1 was about six hours of gameplay, and Episode 2 will be closer to eight hours of gameplay," Lombardi said. Valve also said that despite the delay of Episode 2, the development cycle for the episodic content was getting shorter.

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Grown Folks Talk4639d ago

there's no way it could possibly be a good game if it's that short. every shooter should be at least 30 hours to help with the quick pace the genre is known for.

nicodemus4639d ago

I've never played it, but I don't think it will be short. The orange box contains Half-life 2 (which I'm assuming is the entire original game) + Episode one + Episode two + Portals + Team Fortress 2 (All for the price of one game I might add). I'd imagine that with all of that stuff combined, there will be at least 30 hours worth.

It sounds well worth it to me.

Grown Folks Talk4639d ago

to all of those that claim that 360 games aren't good because they aren't extra long.

THAMMER14639d ago

But it was worth every second. They really love to mess with your head in this game. I can not wait. Preordering today along with Mass effect and bio shock. SWEET

USMChardcharger4639d ago

i read were they upped the physics(even more). showed a house get ripped apart blank by blank. anyone else see that?

zonetrooper54639d ago

I am gonna get the black box for my PC, the first Half life 2 episode was short and i really do hope that the second it longer and better. Can't wait to play Portal and Team Fortress.

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