Nintendo Power's MadWorld review is in

Were you wondering what the gang over at Nintendo Power had to say about MadWorld? Well, the latest issue of Nintendo Power does indeed come with a review score for Platinum Games' Wii opus. While I can't give you a summary of the review just yet, I can tell you what you all are looking to find out. The game ends up pulling a 9 out of 10, a score that Jack is sure to be happy with.

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thesithfreak5137d ago

awesome i'm sure madworld is a great game. please support it people

frayer5137d ago

My eyes will hurt 5 minutes of playing this game.

Voiceofreason5137d ago

If that were the case one of the many sites that actually played it would have said something already.
Some people just want to hate. He couldnt even play it if he wanted to because he doesnt own a Wii anyway. An entire generation grew up with Black and white yet now we are supose to think its something painful to look at? Some people are jsut so young and uninformed they just cant see how pathetic their excuses look

Durffen5137d ago

Hopefully this isn't the only 9 MadWorld gets.

I'm prepared for the 4/10 rating from Edge, and I will laugh when it happens.

Gekikaiser5137d ago

6 days away and first review out the gate is a 9 out of 10, this is good. Cannot wait for this game, first House of the Dead, now Madworld, my Wii is finally getting some good playtime.

FinalomegaS5137d ago

guess I should go reserve it at EB,( but it's cold outside =/

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The story is too old to be commented.