Nothing Says Sorry Like Free XBLA Games

After their Old Spice/Xbox Rewards extravaganza got off to a shaky start and some people got messed around, they came out and said "sorry". Good, but not good enough it seems. They could do better, like sending everyone who experienced "difficulties" logging into the competition two free XBLA games (Joust and Robotron) along with a very polite letter apologising for the errors.

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Nickels4268d ago

I signed up for the rewards thing, then I got about 800 points in about a week or so, (King Kong) then I'm like I wonder how much more I have to go to reach my goal. Only to find out that i'm just registered to the rewards but not signed up for any of the prizes.... but did I get a apologizing letter NO, did I get any free games No. Microsoft what a rip off. I will switch to PS3 at least if there going to rip something off the tell you first. (the new home APP)

Dusk4268d ago

MS offers the first 'get free stuff for gamerscore points' contest which costs nothing to enter, it has a rocky start and was confusing, and therefore you are going to switch to the PS3 because what, you didn't get all the free stuff you think you deserve? So exactly how were you ripped off again?

Syko4268d ago

It was pretty self-Explanitory on the site sure the first 2 days were rough on the servers but I just checked back in 2 days later signed up and made sure I followed the instructions. Then played NBA 2K6 and King Kong and 12 hours later I had already completed it. Pretty simple...Just follow instructions, Granted they could\Should have made it a lil' easier but all in all I don't see the big fuss. I love people that complain about free stuff.

ElementX4268d ago

I had registered for the Rewards however I forgot to sign up within Rewards for the Old Spice Challenge. I earned a few hundred points before finding out I wasn't in the challenge. I was a little upset but I don't think I should be entitled to free games and stuff.

Nickels4267d ago

You guys are a bunch of Pussies, I give Microsoft a lot of money each week, its like when I get paid they get paid so hell yea I think that I supposed to get something free when I worked hard for those gamerpoints, all to say that these don't count towards the challenges, man that is BS. I got a email from them about the rewards program on 03/08/07 but I signed up on 02/14/07 and at that point I thought all I had today was register, not knowing that now you have to sign up for the individual challenges. It was not like that when I signed up. My xbox was not FREE my xbox 360 was not FREE my year of xbox live is not FREE all the 52 games I have where not free my time ain't FREE nothing is FREE I want what's mine I got the 1500 gamerpoints but I didn't get anything in return but a message that says I'm sorry you need to get more points and we will give you ten more days to do this. I work I have a family and I dont have time to work on another 1500 points so miss me with that BS and give me my FREE download that I paid for. I cant believe that you guys are so gay its like i'm surrounded by a bunch of loser and punks that like to take it up the but and not speak up when a corporation like microsoft who has a bunch of FREE stuff cant pay up to the loyal customers. F-you and Them. Holla at ya boy Nickels1 P.S. Why I can't play HALO beta with everyone else I bought the stupid game (Crackdown) but I have to wait a whole nother month, the people that play early didnt pay nothing they got it for FREE I guess.... LAME

smokeandapancake4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

What? You give them money...OH! You mean you pay for a product or service; so I would assume you get what you pay for....and you still think they OWE you something for all that HARD WORK you did PLAYING games...hmmm. And if you read what you signed up for, like I did on the first day this challenge started, you would have known you have to sign up for the individual challenges. Also I don't believe the Halo Beta is up yet, so no one is making you wait....LAME

Nickels4267d ago

Yea it is hard work playing game why you think the MLG gets paid the big bucks..... Yea I did read but when I signed there was nothing about signing up for the changlles. About the Halo beta.... man nothing gets past you I know it not up and running but the reports say, I (people who bought crack down) will have to wait to after the ones who where selected to play. I payed for it and the game is not all that good..... so I got 2 wooooooords for yaaaaaa RIP OFF.

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