GDC: Japanese gaming in decline

Zelda director, Eiji Aonuma, told an audience at GDC yesterday that videogaming in Japan is in decline.

Aonuma described the situation as "gamer drift" during his speech, which focused mainly on Zelda and how he has tried to evolve the series to suit changing trends.

Aonuma said that the demand for more complex and realistic games is increasing in America, according to 1Up, where realistic shooting a driving games are favourites.

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calderra4633d ago

There are lots of problems with gaming in Japan. Here's a huge one:
-Metal Gear 4
-Devil May Cry 4
-Ridge Racer 7
-Paper Super Ultra Mario 64 World RPG Party 5
-Dragon Quest VIII
-FF 13
-The Legend of Zelda's Twin Brother Harold: The Wind Unmaker: Fifteen Blades Adventure XXVI
-Dynasty Warriors 5,000: Xtreme Legends Musuo Super Ultra Black Edition III

It's not like this doesn't happen elsewhere, but there's massive sequel-itis hurting gaming across the board, and it's especially prevalant in Japan. There is some originality, as we saw recently with the "Brain game" craze, but there's only so many thousands of Mega Man games and Metroid games and...

You get the idea.

kewlkat0074633d ago

There are not that much Variety, I mean how many sequels can you come out with? Which Dragon Quest version are they on now?

while I'm a big Fan of JRPG's and such but I feel like Japanese developers stick to what works the best for them because they know its going to sell a lot. so they milk franchises till death. Over the course of 10 years there hasn't been much of anything new that appeals to the masses.

Here in the US, developers work on all types of games, you name it.

specialguest4633d ago

Maybe they need to give western made games a chance.

r10004633d ago

Yea so they can be tired with the hundred first person shooters that are out ..which keep coming out month after month after month....

power of Green 4633d ago

Just wait to they figure out what console can give them something new. Lost Planet is the start It has Japanese imagination with western grounded realism, physics, mechs that are fast enough but not moving around like they weigh ten pounds ect. GoW, And soon to be Forza.

"Aonuma said that the demand for more complex and realistic games is increasing in America, according to 1Up, where realistic shooting a driving games are favourites",----this is the back bone of the 360 and why it's becoming so popular the next-evolution, w3lcom3 chang3.

level 3604632d ago

They're very patriotic, the Japanese just like everybody around the globe. It's just that they're more of everything, a very tight/firm group of people. Very friendly but hard to please, you really have to go into their psyche to know the preferences they have in the gaming world. One form everyone knows about is manga ( but this is not just a comic book to them - it's culture, a novel )comes in so many different types, you name it they have it, so don't treat this medium as ( just like...). The gaming industry just needs to look more closely.

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