Forza Motorsport 2 New Screens

9 brand new screens from Forza Motorsport 2.


Removed old screenshots. Sorry!


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FordGTGuy4266d ago

thats misleading because they are from older builds then the build shown at GDC.

PS360PCROCKS4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Four of them are is the link to Forza's website for the 4 new ones...

Oh and how the hell do you make a hyperlink in your comments for this website? and OoO they have my Corvette, god I cannot WAIT to play this and see how it feels and just see how close they matched it to the real deal...god only a couple weeks...

nicodemus4266d ago

I never played the original. For those who have- Is the racing similar to Project Gotham style (which I liked, by the way) or is it more of a sim with more customizing?

BoneMagnus4266d ago

In Forza, the amount of customization was almost overwhelming - tuning your car for each specific race - gearing, downforce, tire pressure, and maxing out horsepower, but keeping it under the specific race limits - like "under 400 horses"

The handling is realistic, and taking damage really affects handling - bang into a wall, and you will need to compensate for your car pulling to one side for the remainder of the race, and damage is subtracted from race earnings.

The only gripe was the cheap AI that would run you off the road in the last lap, near the end of the race. This happened way too much. - This dynamic is supposed to be improved in Forza 2.

If you like sims, you'll love this. If PGR is too close to a sim, then look elsewhere. This game is the antithesis of Burnout.

InMyOpinion4266d ago

You can customize the experience through varoius 'driving aids' which makes the game easier to handle for beginners. I can't wait to swap drivetrains and engines on cars! Amazing!

BoneMagnus4266d ago

Yeah, you can turn on traction control, ABS and a line on the track that helps you accelerate, brake and find the best line through a turn.
these things do make a huge difference - helping quite a bit!

Gamer134266d ago

Can,t wait to play it.

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The story is too old to be commented.