New Darkness HD trailer

EXCLUSIVE new footage of supernatural FPS

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PS360PCROCKS4635d ago

Wow this game...this game has quietly garnered alot of my attention lately, it is really shaping up nicely, the shooting sequences remind me a little of fear as does the surroundings as their all dark and kind of creepy. I am actually very excited for this game and I'm putting it in my must have category unless reviews suck badly. Oh and watch the volume, this video is loud and it starts out with gun-shots and yea it will scare the crap out of you

Rasputin20114635d ago

And I love that sh!t....Like I thrive off that stuff...tippy toeing down a dark hallway with the lights flickering here and there....some butt ugly mother [email protected]#ker smashes through the wall only to get a heavy douse of buck shot baby!