First Fable 2 Gameplay Footage

Peter Molyneux demonstrating the new gameplay features in Fable 2. Note: this is more of a tech demo than an actual game.

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bizzy124636d ago

i cant wait to get this game and play with my dog.i wonder in the coop game up to 4 people can all of us have a dog that would be cool.mass affect,fable2,halo3,bio shock,two human caint wait.

PS360PCROCKS4636d ago

yeah this looks like it will be shaping up nicely, cool idea with the dog

Solidus4636d ago

My god Peter has finally completely lost his dang mind. And I hope that is just a tech demo because it looks exactly like Fable 1. Im still sore over the first fable Peter promised all this crazy stuff and it didnt deliver on any of it.

Legionaire20054636d ago (Edited 4636d ago )

You won't be disappointed, because this game is going to be filled with Havoc physics in combat!!! Yes I said Havoc physic that is so realistic you can call Fable 2 a unparallel experience. Yes the combat is deep. I saw a tech demo before this in a news video sometime in 2006 on which is now show the fable physics in action where the character can use anything in the environment as a weapon to fight enemies.

nicodemus4636d ago

It's way too early to be criticizing the graphics! The video demonstrating the fighting technology (which, to my knowledge, was the only video released prior to this one) used stick figures! The game is very early in developement!

Fable 2 is going to be awesome. I'm really glad xbox has a developer like Molyneux, who's always thinking outside the box. And it looks like he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve for this one. Now all we need is BC!

Rasputin20114636d ago

I hate how almost everybody starts to complain about graphics of tech demos all the freaking time..Like its is clearly stated that it is a TECH DEMO. Peter Molyneux is not like "Here is my final product...please drool and admire..thank you". People please get real sometime soon.

zerofunction4636d ago

Looks like its going to be alot of fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.