Live + Miis + Achievements + 2nd Life = PS Home?

was trying to figure out what the xbox communities has to say about the "home" feature of PS3, well, here's one. i know i know.. it will probably be rejected because of the low value of content (or some other excuse like how my last one was junked when i posted the news about - missing HDMI in pal version). anyway, it's a view from the other side of the fence. q:

here's a piece:

"Sounds like it could be super dull, super creepy, or awesome. Asking an avatar to "come over to my place" just screams loserville, but turning the network dashboard into a mini-game, complete with its OWN mini-games hints at what the next generation of consoles might be all about."

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OldSchoolGamer4241d ago

Read the comments in the article after the story is absolutely gut-bustingly funny. The one about he doesn't want to play with dolls online and machine guns was priceless. Basically, comments are right on, have to agree 2 and half years and they make that instead of a killer launch game? I guess that is strategy...?

XxZxX4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

whatever rocks your boat.

grifter0244241d ago

HEHE I didnt see the machine guns one though.. Weird... Polly Pockets I remember that my sister use to have those I always stepped on them annoying.. Who knows people can say it's a ripoff just like the PSNetwork...But the Sony faithful will come up at how it was Revolutionary and totally different then the Mii's and Live but thats how it always is... It is true not that Advertisments are becoming mainstreamed jsut wait till you seem ad's in your "HOME" thats kinda gay... And like a great talkshow host said.. "Ad's make something free.... just wait ad's will ruin your "HOME"

techie4241d ago

Did you know that ads in TV shows are against the regulations in the UK. On shows they can't say "cellotape" they have to say "sticky-backed plastic"...if there's anything like a coke bottle they have to wash out the logo, or a nike cap the same thing...

lil bush4241d ago

wow deep, thats pretty crazy

Nickels4241d ago

I don't own a PS3, but I do think its kind of cool and your right dude it does scream loser, but no more than a gamer pic. I would like to try the little feature out right before I get my hands on heavenly sword. All and All its ok its not enough to say hay we need to get a PS# but when they are 299.99 in USA I will get one.

jwatt4241d ago

I think it's taking all those features to another level. You can't say Sony's taking a step backwards I think "Home" is something for the future.

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The story is too old to be commented.