"We're not going to make cheap, crappy Wii ports" - Codemasters

Speaking in an interview with MCV, Codemasters' Marketing VP Alex Bertie has said that future Wii titles published by the gaming giant will not simply be "cheap, crappy ports" of their next-gen counterparts.

When asked whether the company's focus was shifting from next-gen onto Wii, Bertie replied:

"You can't ignore Wii, but it's bewildering watching what other publishers are doing.

"Codemasters has taken a more cautious strategy on Wii which has been the right thing to do. We are not going to make cheap, crappy ports."

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PS360WII4587d ago

They say that now... ;) but yes Overlord does seem like it'll work out well on the Wii

SinnedNogara4587d ago

The graphics for Overlord look better than The Conduit.

They aren't going to go DDI!! Halleluia!!!!

jams_shop4587d ago

Cheap -> NO
Crappy -> Yes

Smacktard4587d ago

Given Codemasters' previous games, you're probably right.

Although Operation Flashpoint was a gaming masterpiece.

Shnazzyone4587d ago

less publishers committed to crappy wii games the better. Those shaftwad publishers churning our minigame compilation after minigame comilation need to be castrated for giving the nintendo wii a bad name and making it the joke of this gens lineup.

Ps: i don't appreciate the author making developing for the wii not sound like developing for a next gen system.

Voiceofreason4587d ago

The only thing that gave the Wii a bad name was upset Sony fans. I see just as many crap games on PS1 and PS2, but that never bothered the guys crying now. Funny how their opinion can completely change by simply changing the manufacturer of the casual console of choice. When it was PS2 crap games were ok. Now that it is the Wii though, oh no suddenly the world is ending.

Ratchet_Co4587d ago

Your forgeting something.

PS2 = lots of bad third party games, but also great third party games that really shined.

Wii = lots of bad third party games....Zack and Wiki

Not to mention the quality of third party games coming out for PS3 and 360 like Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia, Bioshock, and more.

Sorry you feel jealous


Voiceofreason4586d ago

LOL... The only one jealous is you it seems.. Trying to justify your hate by comparing 8 years of games to 2 years on Wii and acting like Wii should have just as many as PS2... Anyway child. Highest rated games this gen are on the Wii, not the PS3 or 360. Its ok though keep being bias. HAsnt stopped the Wii from having the highest rated games this gen or having the highest rated sales.. But keep being jealous and trying to play that down as nothing. Sad that the only system you can pull up to make the Wii look bad is also 7 years older so of course the library is bigger.. I guess you're just so jealous and angry that you cant even see reason.

Voiceofreason4587d ago

Not a single 3rd party handled the Wii properly, but they are starting to. Instead of just assuming it was a failure they should have paid attention to crowd response to the system. That is how I pick out the system I buy and I have yet to buy a console that didnt win its gen. Well except last gen I bought a GC because my wife had to have AC, but I still had my PS2.

None of them would have had to rush games if they had just paid attention. Well none of them needed to either way because they only hurt their names with Wii owners by putting out crap games.Anyway they could have held off on some of those games til 07 or 08.

Red Steel was a game I was really hyped for. I did like it but nobody can lie and say that game was finished. Far from it. It would have made more of an impression if they had waited to finish the game. I know the second one is getting this treatment but I hope that if they make it a trilogy that at the end they go back and finish RedSteel 1 and re-release it for 29.99 with M+ and online play.

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The story is too old to be commented.