King of Fighters XII confirmed for July on 360 and PS3

VG247: SNK and Ignition just confirmed that The King of Fighters XII will release this July for both 360 and PS3.

The game was rumoured as a summer launch for PS3 this morning.

"Our development slogan for KOFXII is 'KOF Re-Birth' and we've aimed to create an entirely new King of Fighters game. To make this a truly unique fighting game, we've revolutionized the graphics by creating state of the art visuals - and made no compromises in that process whatsoever," said SNK Playmore boss, Masaaki Kukino.

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Sonyslave33882d ago

ahahahahahahahahha ps3fanboys actually thought this was a exclusive ahahhahahhah

PirateThom3882d ago

Just like you still believe Lost Planet 2 is exclusive. HAHAHAetc

chidori6663881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

[email protected] who old are you have 12???

Pennywise3881d ago

lol helgan - come again?

odisho683881d ago

hahahahaha and u still think mass effect 2 and lost planet 2 are exclusives hahahahaha....please go play halo and gears and...halo and uhh damn uhhh gears???

Xbots3881d ago

Hahahahahahahahahaha! ho! ho! ho! my stomach! splinter cell conviction is multi too! & so dead raising 2 too! & bioshock 2! hahahahaha!...

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Omega43882d ago

Guess it will go back to being an average game now its not exclusive

IdleLeeSiuLung3882d ago

yeah, because a multi-platform game can't possibly be good? /sarcasm

thebudgetgamer3881d ago

i was totally going to buy it but now i don't know. whats wrong with them trying to make more money by selling to almost 40 million people instead of 20.


3881d ago
thebudgetgamer3881d ago

and i think its more near 50 million "potential" sales


SupaPlaya3881d ago

Chill out dude, budget is being sarcastic so the exact figure really isn't the main point...

3sq3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Lol, I knew he's being sarcastic. And I'm being real here.

Bnet3433881d ago

I know Omega4 was being sarcastic but KOF has been on Xbox 1 as well as PS2 last gen. I am happy to hear this news about KOF XII, the game looks beautiful.

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Zeus Lee3882d ago

Awesome,much like every fighting game that requires the D-pad,going to get this on Ps3.

Bnet3433881d ago

Wrong, every fighting game requires an arcade stick. You fail. Go back to your kids DPAD lol.

silvacrest3881d ago

me and many others play best on the D pad and some people dont wanna buy an extra controller just to play one genre of game (crazy, i no) fail i guess :)

Bnet3433881d ago

Err .. and some people use the analog stick instead of DPAD. Do you think fighting games on Xbox 360 sell zero copies? Everyone has a preference, but arcade stick is better then controllers.

ceedubya93881d ago

I have a 360 fightpad, so that PS3 D-pad vs 360 D-pad won't matter to me, because imo the fightpad is better than both of those standard controllers for fighting games.

That being said, can't wait for this. 2D fighters are still alive and kicking. I'd love another Capcom vs SNK or Marvel vs Capcom too while we're at it. A man can dream....

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DelbertGrady3882d ago

Street Fighter 4 killer confirmed.

GodGinrai3881d ago

i dunno bro......SF4 is awsome.good enough for me to buy on both systems( which i did) and make me fork over 120 quid for a hori fightstick which i am now considering modding....but im lookin forward to this too.My appatite for fighting games is growing once more.....GIMME MORE!..I want a new samurai showdown ,darkstalkers, marvel vs capcom, rival schools ,KI3...capcom vs snk.....MORE i tell you!

Btw i never disagreed with you ....that whole click to agree/disagree stuff is for fanooks who need something to make em feel better! your entitled to your opinion and KOF rocks in my books....But SF4 is pure joy dude!

Flipgeneral3881d ago

Speak on brother!!!!
These fighting games are rekindling memories of old

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