Upcoming games to have the NXE update included on disc

Xboxinsider writes: Developers have started to include the NXE update in upcoming games, two confirmed games with the update included on disc are ; Tom Clancys:H.A.W.X, and MLB: 2K9. This means that everyone who plays a new game, and is not connected to Live will have to update to the NXE to play. The new discs also contain a new "Wave 3" video partition, which looks like it was designed to counter piracy, as current methods of playing backups will not allow the new discs to boot. A step in the right direction, or minor bump in the road for pirates?

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qface644217d ago

um what's the point i mean if your not connected to live what's the point of even getting this update
what's the point of even having the NXE?

TheBarExam_24217d ago

Avys,save games to the hdd which makes disc drive failure less, better design..Etc..Its like having a Wii without online basically

MicroSony4Life4217d ago

Just kidding but pirates are the scum of the earth.

IdleLeeSiuLung4217d ago

NXE in my opinion is vastly superior to the old blades. Not perfect, but much better. Besides it might entice some to go online after all the advertisement or the avatar (can you have avatars without internet connection at all?).

chasegamez24217d ago

i just finished downloading Resident Evil 5
the game sucks
thank you xbox360 free games all day
i just save $60

kewlkat0074217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

to 360 game sales...when we talk numbers.

but would of been nice if you wrote "I just finished it".

chasegamez24217d ago

i didnt want 2 finish the game
last gen game play

Kushan4217d ago

Article is misinformed and inaccurate:

"The new discs also contain a new “Wave 3″ video partition, which looks like it was designed to counter piracy"

INCORRECT. The NXE update on the disk just happens to be in the video partition. There is also nothing stopping anyone playing the game if they really want, all they have to do is install an older varient of the custom firmware. In fact, the reason it doesn't boot on certain firmwares is because the firmware thinks the disk is "bad" since it doesn't recognise the video, it's actually a deliberate thing to help prevent people from getting banned on Live. It's an extremely simple fix and the modified firmwares should be updated by the end of this week or early next week.

This was not an attempt from Microsoft to stop piracy, merely they updated some files on the disk and as a side effect some modified machines wont boot it.

3sq4217d ago

Don't worry. There will be Update Remover/Downgrader soon enough (Like Wii).